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The Good And Bad About Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Vintage Style Bezel Ring - picture There are plenty of things that have become tradition. And once something is tradition, it’s hard to do it differently without causing upset. The more important the event, the more traditions get attached. This is why so many weddings have so many issues. The people getting married want one thing, the parents want another. The bride thinks one thing should happen, the groom would rather something else. Luckily, engagement ring styles never got attached to a tradition, other than “it needs to be diamond”. And people these days are beginning to realize that that specific “tradition” was created as a marketing campaign. This means people are choosing all styles, designs, and gemstones for their engagement ring. Yet time and again people find themselves returning to the bezel set engagement rings. It’s a timeless design that has both aesthetic and practical purposes.

What Exactly is a Bezel?

For those who are wondering what a bezel set ring is, the answer is actually fairly simple. At its most basic, a bezel is a way to set a stone inside a ring. Specifically a vertical rim of metal to snuggly and firmly keep a stone in a fixed place as per the setting the jeweler desires. It’s an old trick of the jeweler’s trade and hasn’t changed much since the days of ancient Egypt, India, and China. Indeed, many pieces of jewelry have been discovered in centuries old sites displaying bezel set rings with all manner of metals and stones, some of which are still in use to today (such as the ever popular gold and diamonds) while others have lost prominence, or at least are not as expensive as they were hundreds of years ago (such as copper and lapis lazuli). This type of setting is still in use today, and since it works so well with nearly any metal or stone, it has found use not only in the world’s most expensive pieces of jewelry but also in many handicraft style pieces of jewelry made by hobbyist artisans, as well as being popular in costume jewelry.

The Bezel Advantage!

There are a few advantages to this type of setting, hence why it has endured over the past few millenniums. Its main rival is the prong setting of jewelry and the bezel setting has some advantages over it that must be noted. The first is that the stone is more secure inside the metal, meaning that it is better protected from unintended rubbing or random blows and shots to the jewelry itself. Additionally, the stone is a lot less likely to scratch something or be scratched itself. While some stones like diamonds may be the ones doing the scratching, many other stones or even imitation stones may be scarred accidentally, weakening its aesthetic appeal. With a bezel setting, the risk of this kind of damage is lessened.
The Down and Ugly
Bezel set rings are one of the oldest styles of rings in existence. This means that your engagement ring may not stand out as especially unique. While these rings may have an interesting look, it’s simply a look that you’ll see quite often.
Bezel Set Ring With Sidestones by Ajaffe - Image

Image Credit – Ajaffe

In addition, these rings are a bit on the plain side. Plain is good in many ways, but some people would rather have interesting outlandish ring settings. Still, this style of ring can be spruced up quite a bit. There are many rings where the bezel is covered with smaller gemstones that help frame the larger center stone. This can be done with numerous colorful effects. If you were determined, you could even have a diamond surrounded by a literal rainbow of gemstones! Lastly, the stones have a bad habit of coming loose. This is more the fault of poorly made ring settings than the style, but it is particularly easy for bezel set rings to be poorly made. Still, this can be avoided by going to a reputable jeweler when you begin looking at engagement rings. A reputable jeweler will not only ensure quality work but also fix things if they break.

Beautiful Or A Bore?
At the end of the day, bezel set engagement rings are classy and minimalist. They’re not the exciting, flamboyant styles that utilize huge gemstone clusters. They’re not the slightly off-kilter geometric styles that draw the eyes and excite the mind. Bezel set rings are simple designs that showcase the gemstone and don’t have to be flashy about it. They help outline the beauty of the gem, and can also help draw attention to the multiple facets. That can be an incredibly beautiful thing if you’re looking for a minimlaist engagement ring. Ultimately, it’s up to what you want. What do you find beautiful? Compare some styles and see which one appeals most!